Can You Make Money By Exchanging Currency?

Can You Make Money By Exchanging Currency?

Yes, you can make money by exchanging currency. In fact, there is a dedicated market for buying and selling currencies called Foreign Exchange(Forex) market, which is used by traders, businesses, and travellers for currency exchange. Placing a trade in forex is simple and quick. The mechanics of making a trade is similar to any other financial market. If you have any prior experience in trading, forex should not be difficult to understand for you. However, if this is the first market you are trying to trade in, you should know that forex is a profitable market for active traders.

Exchanging money explained

The currencies are traded in priced pairs, and the difference between the value of the currencies is the profit that traders make by reselling the currencies. In all currency trades, the base currency is worth one unit. The amount of quote currency depends on what one unit of the base currency can buy. An investor makes money in forex by appreciation in the quoted currency value or a decrease in the base currency value.


How to make money by exchanging money

Another perspective in forex is when an investor considers a position on each currency pair. The base currency is referred to as a short position as the investor sells the base currency to purchase the quoted currency. At the same time, the quoted currency can be considered a long position on the currency pair.

If 1 euro can purchase 2 dollars or vice versa, the investor must go short on one currency to go long in the other one. The currency can be sold when the short currency appreciates the value compared to the other currency.

Advantages for active traders

The active traders benefit the most from the forex market. The presence of active traders also makes the forex market more liquid. Active traders and forex market need each other to increase their individual values. The commissions in forex are next to null, and the spreads are also near to zero. It is also possible to exchange currencies frequently without high transaction costs.

Active traders

Due to the long-short nature of forex and the diversity of global currencies, there are plenty of opportunities for traders. There is always a bull market here or there in forex that the active traders can access constantly. There is no need to wait on sidelines for years during bear markets.

Forex does have a reputation for being risky, but that is only because of the active trades that happen 24 hours a day for five days a week. The returns may also be less for passive investments which makes it much harder for traders to make big profits, but with consistency, it is possible.

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