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Remote Deposit Capture Solutions for Banks and Credit Unions

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Solutions that move with today’s on-the-go consumer

Meet the needs of today’s always-on-the-move consumer with innovative remote deposit capture solutions from Digiliti Money, a leading provider of consumer mobile deposit solutions. The Select Mobile platform is designed to help you broaden the appeal of your services with the convenience of simple, five-step mobile deposits—right from your customer’s smartphone!

  1. Choose the account
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Snap a photo of the check front
  4. Snap a photo of the endorsement on the check back
  5. Submit

Mobile deposit solutions for banks, credit unions and alternative financial service firms financial institutions

Security and reliability are critical to success in the online financial world. Digiliti Money employs the industry’s most stringent security technologies and is Check 21 certified, to give both you and your customers peace of mind.

All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security and can even be traced to user devices to combat fraud. Once checks are submitted successfully, users are alerted that the transaction has been completed — it’s quick and easy, to strengthen your reputation as a quality provider.

Enhance your current mobile solution

We make it simple for you to offer the extra services that will grow your business and brand. Select Mobile Deposit is flexible and customizable, so you can easily enhance your portfolio and increase your connections with customers. If you already offer mobile banking solutions, we can make it better with easy integration of remote deposit capture into your existing mobile app—to enhance your product without straining internal resources.

Go to market faster with Deposit-Express

Now there’s a solution that enables even the smallest financial institutions to tap into the mobile deposit benefits stream without breaking the bank: Select Mobile Deposit-Express.

With Deposit-Express small banks and credit unions get the same leading technology and all the service and support benefits of Digiliti Money’s Select Mobile Deposit right out of the gate and at a fraction of the cost of a branded solution.

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