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Check Imaging Solutions for Businesses at Your Branch

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Check processing without paper’s fuss

Paper check processing represents yesterday’s technology–slow, cumbersome and costly. Get more done and prep your business for growth with a digital check imaging for businesses powered by Select Capture.

With Select Capture, our cloud-based branch capture solution, all you need is a check image scanner and a computer with Internet access to make your check processing cutting edge. It transforms paper items into digital images with easy and flexible transmittal, storage and retrieval. No need for high-speed readers or sorters, here–just secure integration with the Federal Reserve’s Fed Wire service, provisioned under Check 21.

Minimize costs while you maximize service

By streamlining your practices, Select Capture helps you spread out and speed up check processing throughout the day, to reduce operating expenses, labor and courier costs. You can deliver more accurate and timely end user service – with improved access to funds and extended deposit cut-off times – and grow your business with confidence with Check 21 compliant imaging solutions.

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