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Simplified Remittance Processing for Retail Businesses

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The end of manually processing paper payments

With Select Remittance, retail businesses can capture customer checks, coupons and other paper payment documents and post them to their accounts receivable account – while enabling electronic transmission of check deposits to their financial institution, too. It’s a creative, cloud-based solution built for the commerce of today that eliminates the need for manually processing paper payment documents and entering data into back-end systems.

Scan-and-go simplicity

Merchants value Select Remittance because it enables check depositing from any remote location – simply with a small check scanner. It transforms paper-based payment handling processes into an easy, image-based proof-and-presentment workflow. 

Merchants can process checks and coupons in a single pass, validate their authenticity and forward the checks electronically to their financial institution for deposit. They can even extract files that can be used to enter payment data into their in-house accounts receivable ledger.

One complete system

Select Remittance is a complete electronic payment processing system that works in tandem with our Select Business™ merchant capture solution. Select Remittance offers all the functionality required for merchants to process checks, update their accounting systems and benefit from automated remittance processing. That’s innovation at work!

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