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The State of Remote Deposit Capture: The Final Stretch

The State of Remote Deposit Capture: The Final Stretch

Amidst today's remote deposit capture (RDC) evolution, several interesting trends are emerging:

  1. While mobile clearly has become the new scanner, it’s obvious desktop scanners aren’t dead yet. In fact, commercial desktop RDC deployments continue to grow at a surprising double-digit pace in many banks.
  2. Today the path selected by most banks to offer business mobile deposit is likely to disappoint, as the majority of institutions merely offer a “consumer” solution with higher deposit limits as their business mobile deposit solution.
  3. And after years of dominating the RDC agenda, risk and compliance finally appear to be in balance with the banks’ desire to serve customers. A significant and growing number of banks are actually behaving as if they want customers to deposit digitally. As a result, eligibility requirements are relaxing, and deposit limits are rising.

What do these remote deposit capture trends mean for you and your financial institution’s ability to gain market share with commercial and retail accounts? Find out.

Learn more about the U.S. remote deposit capture space over the past year and what the future holds for this solution.

In this 9th annual review of remote deposit capture adoption, performed by Celent, read the report that answers four key research questions:

  • What is the state and likely near-term future of distributed capture?
  • Where are vendors investing in product development?
  • What are the key remote deposit capture trends to watch?
  • What are the implications of these trends for financial institutions?

In this review, Celent surveyed 269 U.S. financial institutions in January 2017, supplemented by pre- and post-survey telephone interviews to better understand priorities, product plans and loss experience. In addition, Celent survey 10 remote deposit capture vendors to capture an industrywide view of sales trends and product direction.

Download “The State of Remote Deposit Capture: The Final Stretch” excerpt now.