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Making Mobile Work with Prepaid Card Programs

Making Mobile Work with Prepaid Card Programs

Thanks to mobile apps, prepaid card programs can now stack up against any deposit account competitively.

And when deployed in specific contexts, prepaid card programs with a mobile app can deliver value beyond financial services.

Download our Mercator paper, “More than Account Balances: Making Mobile Apps Work for Your Prepaid Program,” to learn how now.

This white paper reveals:                       

  • Mobile technology gives prepaid a competitive position among deposit products and personal financial tools.
  • Companies of all kinds use mobile apps to put prepaid at the center of suites of financial products.
  • Successful implementation of mobile apps with prepaid products requires careful tailoring of the app to the prepaid program and its customer base. See examples of companies doing this well.
  • Prepaid providers should consider what tools they can build into their mobile platforms and what tools they can ask partners to bring to their products.
  • Providers have three options for adding mobile technology to prepaid card programs – build, buy or partner – each has its pros and cons, but all offer opportunities to make a prepaid program competitive with other types of financial products.