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How Better Mobile Apps Make Prepaid Card Programs Stickier
Many financial institutions previously launched a prepaid card program without much thought to overall strategies or services to keep consumers engaged. As a result, no surprise, most prepaid programs introduced this way were not overly successful.  Many now realize that if they...

How to Move More SMBs to RDC: Think Mobile First
For many financial institutions, entering the SMB market first with a mobile RDC solution and expanding channel access with time and experience simply makes sense.

Grow SMB with the Right Business RDC Solution
SMBs seek a single solution that can handle multiple checks in a single deposit even when they’re using a smartphone or tablet. Today, only some SMBs have access to business RDC platforms offering this flexibility.

The Prepaid Debit Card Loyalty Challenge: Mobile is Key
Last year, nearly three in 10 adult Americans were either “unbanked” (they had no accounts at banks or credit unions) or “underbanked” (they may have had a savings account, for example, but also use check cashers and payday lenders to meet their banking needs). This according to a new study by the FDIC. That’s down slightly from 2013, but it’s still a significant number.

Prevent Check Fraud with Faster, More Informed, Check Exchanges
Check fraud is a multi-headed monster that threatens the integrity of business and commerce. To prevent check fraud, it requires technology partners that continuously invest in fraud mitigation tools and processes.