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How Better Mobile Apps Make Prepaid Card Programs Stickier
Many financial institutions previously launched a prepaid card program without much thought to overall strategies or services to keep consumers engaged. As a result, no surprise, most prepaid programs introduced this way were not overly successful.  Many now realize that if they...

The Prepaid Debit Card Loyalty Challenge: Mobile is Key
Last year, nearly three in 10 adult Americans were either “unbanked” (they had no accounts at banks or credit unions) or “underbanked” (they may have had a savings account, for example, but also use check cashers and payday lenders to meet their banking needs). This according to a new study by the FDIC. That’s down slightly from 2013, but it’s still a significant number.

Prevent Check Fraud with Faster, More Informed, Check Exchanges
Check fraud is a multi-headed monster that threatens the integrity of business and commerce. To prevent check fraud, it requires technology partners that continuously invest in fraud mitigation tools and processes.

Success with Mobile Banking Solutions Requires Great Service from the Get-Go
Great relationships are built on great first impressions. For success with mobile banking solutions, fast, streamlined customer onboarding is a competitive necessity to start the relationship off on the right foot.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture: The Great Equalizer for Community Banks
Mobile remote deposit capture resonates with community bankers because unlike any other change to the marketplace in generations, mobile technologies offer a means to level the competitive playing field.

Customized Mobile Banking Solutions Help Credit Unions Win Over Millennials
Millennials are the first truly mobile generation and they expect customized mobile banking solutions from their financial services providers.