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How to Move More SMBs to RDC: Think Mobile First
For many financial institutions, entering the SMB market first with a mobile RDC solution and expanding channel access with time and experience simply makes sense.

Grow SMB with the Right Business RDC Solution
SMBs seek a single solution that can handle multiple checks in a single deposit even when they’re using a smartphone or tablet. Today, only some SMBs have access to business RDC platforms offering this flexibility.

Prevent Check Fraud with Faster, More Informed, Check Exchanges
Check fraud is a multi-headed monster that threatens the integrity of business and commerce. To prevent check fraud, it requires technology partners that continuously invest in fraud mitigation tools and processes.

Banks and Credit Unions Can’t Ignore Small Business Merchant RDC
Most small business merchant RDC initiatives at banks and credit unions have been built on large corporate and consumer RDC platforms, and neither is a particularly good fit for most small businesses.

Payroll Card Solutions Create New Revenue Opportunities and Stickier Client...
Financial institutions looking for low-cost sources of non-interest income (and what financial institution isn’t) should consider payroll card solutions. A well-run payroll card program will drive financial benefits to businesses, their employees, and financial institutions.