How better mobile apps make prepaid card programs stickier
Many financial institutions previously launched prepaid card programs without much thought to overall strategies or services to keep consumers engaged. As a result, no surprise, most prepaid programs introduced this way were not overly successful.  Many now realize that if they...

How to Move More SMBs to RDC: Think Mobile First
Remote deposit capture (RDC) usage grew an astounding 7,900% among consumers in just five years. In tandem, business adoption with RDC is on its own upward path.

Grow SMB with the Right Commercial RDC Solution
Small businesses (SMB) want a remote deposit capture (RDC) solution that most financial institutions aren’t offering.

They seek a single solution that can handle multiple checks in a single deposit even when they’re using a smartphone or tablet.

Today, only some SMBs have access to RDC platforms offering this flexibility.

The Prepaid Loyalty Challenge: Mobile is Key
Last year, nearly three in 10 adult Americans were either “unbanked” (they had no accounts at banks or credit unions) or “underbanked” (they may have had a savings account, for example, but also use check cashers and payday lenders to meet their banking needs). This according to a new study by the FDIC. That’s down slightly from 2013, but it’s still a significant number.

Combating Fraudsters with Faster, More Informed, Check Exchanges
Fraud is a multi-headed monster that threatens the integrity of business and commerce. This is especially apparent in the realm of eCommerce, as evidenced during this past holiday season.

eCommerce fraud has been spiking since 2015, when a new credit and debit card security protocol known as EMV chased counterfeit cards out of the world of brick and mortar commerce. ACI Worldwide found that eCommerce fraud attempts during the 2016 holiday season exceeded 2015 frauds by 31%, with transactions increasing by 16%. U.S. retailers are predicted to be the hardest hit, with a whopping 43% increase in so-called card-not-present (or CNP) fraud attempts estimated by ACI, a leading provider of payment services to financial institutions and merchants.

Mobile Banking Success Requires Great Service from the Get-Go
Great relationships are built on great first impressions. This is especially true in financial services where the proliferation of mobile apps has rendered fast, streamlined customer onboarding a competitive necessity. Financial institutions that ignore this maxim will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in attracting and retaining profitable customer relationships especially among Millennials.

Banks and Credit Unions Can’t Ignore Small Business RDC
Small businesses are at the heart of the American economy. The federal government reports that businesses with 500 or fewer employees employ 60 million Americans, or about 40 percent of the workforce, and account for 45 to 50 percent of national GDP. Small businesses also contribute significantly to banking revenues. McKinsey & Company estimates nearly one-quarter of banking revenues (net of charge-offs) comes from small businesses and their owners’ personal credit and deposit products.

Mobile: The Great Equalizer for Community Banks
Community banks play a vital role in the United States, supporting economic growth with products and services that address the unique attributes and requirements of local customers. Digiliti Money recently had the opportunity to meet with and learn first-hand from community bankers attending the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) Community Banking Live convention in New Orleans.

Credit Unions are Positioned to Win Over Millennials
  In a competitive market, attracting and retaining younger customers isn’t just a good idea, it’s a prerequisite for survival. So today, all eyes are on Millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials are the largest generation, and they are moving into their peak...

Payroll Cards Create New Revenue Opportunities and Stickier Client Relationships
Financial institutions looking for low-cost sources of non-interest income (and what financial institution isn’t) should consider payroll card programs. A well-run payroll card program will drive financial benefits to businesses, their employees, and financial institutions.

A Mobile Deposit Solution Expressly for Small Banks & Credit Unions
Mobile deposit rules! Well, not quite. But it certainly has a steep adoption curve, and that adoption curve is set to grow steeper with a new solution geared specifically to smaller banks and credit unions. It’s called Select Mobile™ Deposit-Express, and it’s the latest mobile deposit innovation from Digiliti Money.

Building New Defenses Against Mobile Deposit Fraud
Mobile remote deposit capture is radically changing the competitive landscape for financial services, particularly competition for Millennials. This is good news for cost-conscious banks and credit unions, as mobile deposits are significantly cheaper to accept than in-branch deposits. Of course, there is a downside to consider: criminals, intent on undermining the integrity of the financial system, are always on the lookout for new ways to defraud companies and consumers.