Most successful Forex traders in the world

Most successful Forex traders in the world

The world of trading has seen a lot of ups and downs, but as far as success is concerned, it has names that are alien to none. From the big shots to the humbler beginnings the stories evoke respect and admiration. However, Forex has been left out a little from the limelight. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a success. Even though the names are plenty, some are just too good to be missed out on.

George Soros

The first man on the list is George Soros. However, it hasn’t been like that for George who like most of us made his fortune with utmost hard work and dedication. With $8 billion of worth, Soros is one of the names in Forex that you can’t overlook. He made the name in Forex’s career in the 1990s when his investment against the British pound generated more than $1 billion.

Bill Lipschutz

The story of Bill is that of inspiration which led to his name being etched in the memories of the traders. Co-founder and former director of Hathersage Capital Management, Bill Lipschutz transformed the $12000 that he had inherited from his grandmother into billions of dollars.

Andrew Krieger:

Among the richest forex traders of the world, Andrew Krieger can’t be forgotten. At the age of 32, Andrew capitalized on the opportunity against the New Zealand Dollar which resulted in earning him millions of od dollars. Considered among the youngest to have achieved such a feat, Krieger’s attention to the currencies against the US Dollar finally made him the richest forex trader.

Paul Tudor Jones:

Investing can be complicated but not for Paul Tudor Jones who made it top the summit of the forex trading when he invested a huge capital against the Japanese currency. In the year of 2013, Jones earned a return of 20% on his investments.

Bruce Kovner:

Life, in general, is unprecedented, and irrespective of the profession that you are in, within a moment all things can change to an extent that the whole perception of fate changes. The opportunity came for Bruce Kovner who after driving a taxi for thirty years ended up getting huge amounts of money by purchasing a futures contract. The journey from a driver to one of the richest forex traders is something that is to be boasted about.

Stanley Druckenmiller:

Forex requires determination and the right mind that can identify the nuances of the trade along with the required knowledge that can educate the investment. Stanley had the perfect blend of qualities, the trader lifestyle, and strategies that made it work.

Compared to the stock market where the trade is mostly dominated by the bigger institutions, Forex is decentralized offering the chances to the new investors to capitalize on their dreams. Not only that, the wide access to the markets and the option of low investment for higher returns is something that can’t be ignored either. In the end, the market has the potential to return on your investment given that you are well aware of its process.

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