How Does Foreign Exchange Make Money?

How Does Foreign Exchange Make Money?

Forex trading has been a part of trading history where its only purpose was to provide the local currency to the travellers. The travellers exchanged currencies either through banks or forex brokers, and they would receive currency at the current exchange rate. Today, the term forex is used for the type of investment that it has become now for traders. Traders invest money on currency pairs today to make quick profits for themselves. The forex traders can speculate on the fluctuating values of the currencies and make a profit from the difference between the currencies.

Forex market for beginners

Forex may seem easy, but the beginners need to be careful due to the high rate of failure among new traders due to the learning curve. Around 77% of the traders face failure in the beginning and give up too soon because they are not familiar with the process of trading. Forex can only be beneficial for those who understand the inside of the market. The aim of the beginners should be to stay in the market long enough to understand how its terminology and trading strategies.

Forex market

Forex and leverage

Leverage is one of the best as well as a risky feature that the traders need to use carefully. Using leverage allows traders to invest more money in the market than their budget. The leverage can go up to 100:1 in some cases. If you have $1 in your brokerage account, with leverage of 100:1, you can control $100 of currency in the market. While this seems profitable, it is also a bit risky if you do not prepare for the trade properly.

Understand that when you are increasing your chances of profits with leverage, you are also increasing the loss. Taking the same example as above, if a trader with $1 is taking leverage of 100:1, they should be trading $100. If you make a bad trade, you make a bad trade and lose more than $10 under this leverage, and you will face loss and can empty your brokerage account within a few days of trading.

Staying optimistic can provide confidence to the beginners to double their money within a few days of trading, but the fluctuating market is difficult to monitor and study. Taking high leverages without proper market studying is a bad decision.


Forex market works in similar ways like any other market, including stocks, bonds, and commodities. Your choice will decide how you will earn profits in forex. If you feel that others are trading successful in forex, but you are not, it is just a matter of time that you will also start making profits while learning more about it. Find the right platforms to study forex and make realistic goals to avoid getting disappointed on minimum profits.

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